This investigation on “Challenges and opportunities of Micro-Credentials in Europe” has been carried out within the MicroHE project to provide the most comprehensive policy analysis yet conducted of the impact of modularisation, unbundling and micro-credentialing in European Higher Education.

Aim of this investigation

This investigation’s main purpose is to create a briefing paper that will identify the main methodological and operational challenges in recognising micro-credentials, both for purposes of academic recognitions as well as for employment. It is based upon a set of interviews with key stakeholders (students, institutions, governments and employers) at regional, national and European levels and identify the areas in which current European recognition instruments fall short.

This allows the MicroHE project to:

  • either provide better explanations on how to use those instruments in the context of micro-credentials or
  • suggest optimisations to the instruments supporting micro-credential provision.

In a few words, we wanted to learn about challenges in recognising Micro-Credentials and the suitability of our proposed solutions in the form of a Credit/Module Supplement and an accompanying Users’ Guide.