Delphi Study 2

Delphi Study 2

Welcome to the MicroHE Delphi study, 2nd stage!

In October 2019, the Masterclass event was held in Bled and a future-foresight exercise was conducted to map the likely impacts of micro-credentials on Higher Education Institutions, the education sector and the wider society as a whole. This survey is the outcome of those valuable discussions. The goal of this stage is to further define the possible impact of a set of themes related to micro credential adoption (in a time frame of the next 5-7 years) that were previously discussed. Please follow the instructions below to proceed.

Instructions: In this stage, thanks to your contributions, we will proceed to further refine the four Themes selected in the previous stage of this Delphi study. In the proceeding exercise, these themes are presented along with a set of statements that were defined during the Masterclass by the participants. Those statements were further refined and brought down to 8 statements per theme. For each theme, you are kindly asked to:

1) For each Theme, please roll it out, go through all 8 statements and assess its possible impact by selecting your level of agreement. Take into consideration that level 5 means "totally agree", level 3 "just agree" and level 1 "not agree at all".
Remember that you are also asked to provide us with the rationale behind your decisions when selecting 1 "not agree at all" or 5 "totally agree"
2) Furthermore, if you think that a statement of paramount relevance is missing from any of the Theme's set of statements , please add it at the end of each Theme.
3) Please remember that all fields marked with * are mandatory.

This survey will be open until March 30, 2020.
Many thanks for your contributions and stay tuned for the next stage which will begin in June, 2020!

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